Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge, which could be anything from outright physical danger to asking someone for a date or trying out for a sports team. Stress of some level is good for reflexes and performance. It can be acute , episodic acute or chronic acute depending on severity. It takes toll...

Management of stress, anxiety and aggression in children and adults. “Congested roads, busy schedules, and idiots on the road are a fact of life. But road rage can escalate, to fatal extremes, very quickly. Urban planners and psychologists alike have studied the external and internal factors that contribute to aggressive, reckless, and vengeful driving. They’ve...

Successful Completion of Workshop on Autism , ADHD and Developmental Delays For Renowned and Seasoned Pediatricians organized by prestigious organization of IAP. Blessed that Child Development Clinic got so much appreciation and encouragement from india`s top academically sound body of professionals. The American Academy Of Pediatrics makes many recommendations regarding pediatric practice, and in the...

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